Permanent Makeup in Canada – Is It For You?

Why Choose Permanent Makeup?
permanent makeup canadaPermanent makeup is a way to significantly reduce the time and effort put into any daily beauty regime. In addition, it is possible to enhance one's natural beauty with a few simple procedures conducted by some of Canada's most experienced cosmetic technicians.
Each person has one area of their face that they spend more time on than the others when it comes to getting ready in the morning. For some, it's the eyes, for others it's the mouth and some focus on creating a balanced skin tone.
Permanent Eyebrow Makeup: Perhaps one of the most popular procedures, permanent eyebrow makeup offers fuller, darker and natural looking eyebrows for those who have thin, light, and sparse brows. Your technician will assess your face and determine which color and arch is best to enhance your natural beauty. This procedure is ideal for those who find themselves spending countless hours in front of the mirror, attempting to create perfect brows with a makeup pencil, and for those who find themselves avoiding certain activities, such as swimming, in order to make sure their drawn-in eyebrows stay put.
Permanent Eyeliner Makeup: Permanent eyeliner makeup can be applied to the lower or upper lash line and can significantly open up smaller eyes while keeping the look natural and carefree. The color and thickness of the line is determined based on the preference of the client. Many people find that this procedure significantly cuts down time spent on their daily beauty regime.
Permanent Lip Liner: For those who desire a permanently defined lip, this procedure ensures that the mouth is always lined and only requires a simple swipe of lipstick or gloss to maintain an easy day-to-night look.
Look at your local permanent makeup artist directory and discover specials and promotions that are happening in your area.
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